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CF Bedford Chat / Re: Overheating Radiator
« on: October 29, 2013, 05:49:16 AM »
Hi mate,
V6 Commodores run at 97 degrees.  Check the number on your thermostat.  So, this means that there isn't much room for temperature rise before looking like it runs hot.  In a standard commodore the gauge is calibrated to show this temp as normal range but if you run an aftermarket gauge it shows the actual temp so looks hotter.

I still run the original Beddy 3 core radiator in mine and it's OK.
Look at your airflow around the front of the van.
also, how heavy is your vehicle?
Are you running a trans cooler?
Even at light usage if your vehicle is heavy the motor us working hard to move it and cut through the air.
All cooling systems are working at capacity in a full size Beddy motorhome.

Overheating 101.
Overheating can only be caused by 3 things.
1) not enough water flow - blocked radiator etc
2) not enough air flow - too small a radiator, fins blocked by grass seeds etc
3) mechanical issues -water pump, head/head gasket, incorrect thermostat/radiator for the motor/usage.
1 and 2 are sometimes related to each other.

As has been previously said, check out the archives as Beddie motorhomes and overheating are fairly commonly discussed



Driveline / Re: V6 Engine Install
« on: October 25, 2013, 05:45:44 AM »
Accelerator cable????????    Can anyone give me advice on what longer accelerator cabke i can use for v6motor.  Beddie  doesn't fit ( different cable attachements ) and commodore is to short... any suggestions would be helpfull.  not sure yet if any other model commodore is longer for me to use... thanks all 
Hi mate,
I used the standard Beddie cable in mine and modified the mounts at the motor.  that way I carry a standard spare beddie cable and I am covered if it ever breaks.  I used the round pivot circle thingy from the standard Beddie carby on the VT throttle body and it works a treat and it pulls from the driver's side of the vehicle.  It then had a knock on effect because I didn't need extra width on the passenger's side for a cable to wrap around without kinking.
I also used the CRS sump on mine as it allowed me to install the V6 into the hole without having to cut anything at all from behind the motor. Just widened it a little.  This was a big plus with the engineer for rego as there is a structural rib under the floor that was untouched.  Could then make up a screw together engine cover as the cabin/floor strength was intact. I also retained the original auto gearshift by using the CRS sump. Oh, and also the original gearbox crossmember and mount.

IMHO the CRS sump kit is worth its weight in gold for a Beddie V6 swap.



Wanted / Re: 4cyl auto convertion
« on: September 15, 2013, 08:04:24 PM »
:)Hi All,
I have a 74 cf doormobile from the u.k, It's got oridginal slant 4 vauxhall motor & gearbox, would like to upgrade to bigger 4cyl auto or even v6 auto if feasable, would welcome any help, maybe some of you vanners out there have something for sale,
i live in qld phone 0428 252 360

Hi mate,
having just done the v6 commodore and 4 speed auto my first suggestion is ... talk to your local RTA mechanical engineer who will need to sign it of for registration.  There are all sorts of rules about how much of an increase in CC's and/or power (either one can cause you grief in NSW) and how many of the donor vehicle ADR parts have to be fitted.  eg collapsible steering column, retractible seat belts, etc.  One good thing for me is the brakes didm't have to be done because braking efficiency is rated on the original weight and not the new motor.



Driveline / Re: CRS v Dellow Trans Adaptor
« on: September 15, 2013, 07:56:10 PM »
There was a conversion kit for sale on here a while ago.... not sure if it's still available. All I can remember was it was in NSW

That'd be me guys.  Thought it was sold but still got it.  Also got the t700 and some of the other engine/manifold bits still too.

I'm willing to load up the ute (not a beddie, toyota  ;) and travel to you within about 100k or so if that helps get them out of the shed.  You've gotta work out how to get them off at your end though. 

PM me if you want to talk more



Oh, I am in Lismore northern NSW so that'll influence your decision ;D

How about the latest Transit I think there 6 stud arnt they All you need is a hub to fit the disc too & make a bracket to hold the calliper should be a piece off piss Cheers Reid

Could be an interesting option mate.  Thanks for that.  There should be a fair few of them in the wreckers too.
I'll arm myself with a tape and go and suss it out.

For Sale / Holden 6 engines (other bits) and gearboxes for sale
« on: May 11, 2013, 07:59:15 AM »
Hi guys,
I was going to go down the whole update of my 202 with blue 3.3 but did the v6 swap instead.
Now I've got holden 6 bits I need to sell.
I live in Lismore NSW and will put them in my ute and drop them to you within say 100k radius.
How you get them off the ute is your issue though.

Here is the list
- red 202 and Beddie Trimatic. Genuine 16000k since reconditioned as a Gem motor.  Auto was reconditioned at the same time.  This was in 1986!!!  I got it with 8k and put another 8k on it. I got hardened seats in the head and got it reco'd before I put it on the road too $300
- red extractors. solid but not perfect $50

- blue 3.3 x2 NOTE. This is what I was told.  I have not pulled apart to check.  one is standard bore with mild port job. Second is +60thou, HC pistons, 4 cyl rods, balanced, mild cam, good flowed head, hardened valve seats.  This is a lucky dip because I haven't got into them and they are as I bought them.  I can see the porting in the heads and that looks good but not internals.  So, $150 for both.

- Blue inlet manifold with Falcon 2 BBL carby. $100

- TH700 4 speed auto out of a VP V6.  Included the Dello adaptor plate for fitting to a holden 6. $350.

Anyone interested PM me and I'll get back to you.

If no interest I'll be putting on Gumtree or something soon.



Hope this is not too far off subject...

Has anyone done a disk brake conversion on the CFL 3350kg dual wheel C/C?
I see the most common is for holden conversions.
Unfortunately because of weight I can't do holden conversion on the camper.
I was thinking of sussing out the disks off something like a Mercedes Sprinter or Iveco Daily trucks and seeing if they could be used.

Any ideas?

If not disks then what is the plan B?
Is a master cylinder and booster an option to improve the braking?
My camper is 3 tonne so I need all the help I can get.

Thanks in advance


Electrics, Audio and Security / Re: v6 wiring help
« on: February 26, 2013, 07:37:44 AM »
lpg injection is expensive about $4000..
thanks again

had a running ute took the motor out
thought i would put it in the beddy but seems to much trouble..
stick to v8....

I believe that the newer the donor vehicle was the harder it gets because of the wiring and sensors.  I used a VT V6 just because it was the one that came up at the time.  Go to V6 Conversions site and have a read.  He spells out what you need for each swap.  IE Bedford or Torana etc.

The engine harness is complete with the removed motor and computer.  All you do is change the electrical wiring to remove the V6 battery cables etc and use yours.


Electrics, Audio and Security / Re: v6 wiring help
« on: February 25, 2013, 08:10:25 AM »
thinking of fitting v6 into my beddy
but dont want the efi side working as i,m going straght lpg
will it run without the computer..
if so any ideas on how to wire it????

anyone in perth doing the same i would love to have a look

Hi Mate,
you will need the wiring and original computer.  Doesn't matter what fuel you use it still has to run first. 
Just gone through it in mine and almost finished.  V6 Conversions in Moree make a sub harness and BCM simulator that makes everything work.  However, couple of warnings.  The gear is good-no issues there.  Instructions are a bit hit and miss and need updating badly as there is a bit of it that is assumed and not spelt out in the instructions.  To do the wiring you will still need to know what you are doing as there is a lot of additional bits that are needed.

Happy to help out with any advice from my experience if that is any help


Exteriors and Interiors / Re: Collapsible steering column choices
« on: February 21, 2013, 07:29:47 AM »
Thats interesting the 202 is rated at 101kw, from memory the HQ-Z 202's were closer to 80kw, and i thought VT v6s were 151kw

Could be a lot in what you are saying MaTTe.  I'm going on the data that is under HQ and VT in Wikipedia.  I know that the power figures were measured in different ways in the past but that works for me... so i am going with it ::)
HQ 202 High Compression had 101kw
VT V6 had 147kw.

I've also seen similar figures in manuals so they must be pretty often quoted.


BTW, ADR10 is the Australian Design Rule for collapsible steering column fitment and when i checked the ADR Compliance plate on mine there are a lot of other ADRs listed but unfortunately, ADR10 is not one of them.  The Bedford column is not regarded as being a collapsible one. :-\



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