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Driveline / Clutch Cable for red 6 and 4 speed manual box.
« on: March 15, 2012, 05:35:57 PM »
Hi everyone. As you may know the clutch cable snapped on my 78 cf270. I managed to get one through a member here 2 years ago when it happened last time. Its lasted two years but now i need a new one. I was wondering if this...


would be suitable? The connectors on the ends are the same but im wondering about length? If not does anyone know where I can get one or does anyone have a spare they would like to sell? Thanks in advance.. Dave 0407 554 292

For Sale / Black 1978 CF270 Bedford Van - Red 202 4 Speed Manual
« on: March 09, 2012, 08:10:49 PM »
Hey everyone. Haven't been on here for ages as Ive had no trouble with my Beddy in the last couple of years. Except today... The clutch cable snapped.

Have been thinking of moving it on for a while and I think she mighta cottoned on haha. Anyway its time to sell. Just havent the time or the clue on getting the cable fixed so here goes.

Vic Registered (THE WA plates in the pics are long gone)
Was RWC'ed two years ago. Rego is due end of next month, being April.

Now trying to remember what ive done in that time.

Brakes, Bearings, New 2 1/4 inch Exhaust, New Tyres, New Windshield, Rust around windshield fixed by panel shop, mp3 stereo and sub woofer, 4 x DRAGWAY mags i never put on, new water pump, blacks rear bubble windows.... thats all I can think of at the moment.

Things that need doing. Obivously, number one being the clutch cable, rust in the gutter, spots of rust in other places, small oil leak, maybe a wheel alignment and wheel balance as theres a bit of wheel wobble between 60-80.

Apart from that it drives really well. Does 100kph no worries on the freeway, sounds nice and throaty for a 6. :)

Hoping for $2500 but open to offers. This includes the 4 x dragways that i bought from ben back then. Obviously it will need to be trailered.

Located in Donvale, VIC.  Dave 0407 554 292

Wanted / Clutch Cable URGENT!
« on: August 24, 2009, 01:07:21 PM »
Clutch Cable for Holden red 202 with aussie 4 speed!

does anyone know where i can get one or what i should ask for from a wrecker?  i finally get my bedford near ready for rwc then the cable snaps on me in peak hour!  its currently stuck at my exhaust place!   any help would be great!  thanks

dave  (0407 554 292)

Electrics, Audio and Security / My Bedford Wiring Is A Disgrace!
« on: August 06, 2009, 11:01:58 PM »
Trying to get the beddie roadworthy and it seems to be one thing after another!  Just got a new 2" exhaust system to also find out the mainfold gasket is also gone.  Windscreen wipers seem to have two settings but just the ONE SLOW speed and now I keep losing different headlights when it feels like it.

Wiring or switches ya reckon?  Hi beam works well but the normal beam works intermittantly.  The wipers someone reckons its just the switch but i got a 2nd hand motor just incase.

Anyone know a good auto elec in eastern suburbs of melb or should i give this a go myself?  Any ideas of which things to try 1st and how?

thanks for any input


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