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For Sale / 4sale CF single cab/chassis 1974 Tasmania
« on: October 05, 2011, 11:25:42 AM »
Thanks BUGA site and BUGA users for all the help and wisdom with the incredible knowledge database and for all the help along the way.  Only Due to total lack of space for a bedford its time to sell ,
(currently on a friends farm 30 km south of hobart)

For Sale  $3400

1974 Bedford CF -    single cab/chassis     ,
HZ 253 blue motor
HQ disc brakes front
 * Engineering certificate for both.
Dual fuel setup - but needs a gas cylinder
New starter motor
New fuel pump
New Cap/rotor + plugs
Brakes and tyres in good condition
Reconditioned Rochester
Oil cooler
Remote central locking  
runs well
Plates - A27XV  
reg to - 13/01/2012
GVM    - 2341 kg
Wheelbase 3200mm
Location - Oyster Cove Tasmania

Phone Gus 0403997517,    Thanks ;)

Gumtree ad - http://sydney.gumtree.com.au/c-ViewAd?AdId=319612332&Guid=132d18c4-3440-a20b-2712-b815fffeba42

hey beddy team, need some help with wiring (from ignition to distributor solenoid)

still having troubles starting the bedford, so i bit the bullet and got an hour out of a mobile mechanic,

he said amongst other stuff (dying starter motor , wet plugs, no actual engine earth and the engine/gearbox is on rubber mounts) that there was only six volts going from ignition into the diz solenoid and i need twelve.

he said replace the wire from the ignition with a new wire to get the twelve volts, so i bought another thicker 3-5mm auto wire and when i was replacing it i notice theres a 10 amp inline
 fuse behind the dash before it reaches ignition , so should i replace the fuse there with another say 30 amp fuse,  or is it not that easy?
basicallly the previous owner has installed a newer (hei distributor?) but left the original wiring behin for the original points distributor.  so how do i get my 12 volts to get this girl moving!
thanks for everyones help so far....  gus.

bought a new 200 dollar starter motor, earthed the engine cleaned the plugs and she still wont go! ready to go but wont go. 

Driveline / rotor stuck? whatup!
« on: June 26, 2010, 08:44:12 PM »
hey folks!  i was hoping someone could help with advice on whats happened (i have not much idea with mechanics)

 rotor seems stuck on the wrong cylinder position , heres what went down;

engine was running like a dream (except carby which is running average and the fan belt which is a little loose) until the other day when i took off the rocker covers for a respray, put them back on and fired the engine to check the gasket wasnt leaking any oil,   when idling away it slowly started sounded terrible like the timing was way off, backfired a fair bit and wanted to stall hard. went to start it again and sounded worse still,  now it doesnt start at all, .

  so ive checked the plug leads are all on  and two were not properly attatched to the distributor cap, so i clicked them in all the way.also took the cap off and noticed the distributor has a fair bit of movement (about 1/2 cm in all directions) is this bad.  ? im 100 percent sure the firing order is spot on (taken from holdenpaedia).  also the rotor is stuck on cylinder 4 (which is 180 degrees the wrong way) and cant get it back to the number 1 cylinder start position. how do i get it back around, feels like its going to break, i can take it off and back on ok, but stuck in the wrong spot. any ideas,do i move the fan around and hope the rotor moves or something?  im 99 percent sure the rocker covers went on off smooth enough and that nothing foreign went in there.

also i put new spark plugs and leads and rotor ona few months back (except didnt change rotor cap which could be pretty old, there was some white residue on the inside in there a while back which i rubbed back with wetndry paper)   

Electrics, Audio and Security / new fuse box wiring = help!
« on: October 12, 2009, 10:23:45 AM »
trying to install a new fusebox, old one is pretty stuffed so i bought a pre wired navra one,with the clip on fuses

i got the original bedford wiring config at the moment, it all matches the manual wiring diagrams,so thats good. i   havent started yet,

anyone got any advice on where to start? which wires to hook up first.? 

im thinking the two brown wires being main power and maybe ignition then do the rest later.   the thing is there seems to be a hell of a lot of piggybacking going on. some fuses have four wires off each!  also the brown wires in the diagram page (180 of manual) both go to the first two fuses, is it ok to split them up on the new fuse board, or should i stick to the original setup, all help required!

The Sump / lpg new budget cuts blow my budget big time
« on: May 13, 2009, 09:51:41 PM »
hey everyBUGA's,

 today im checking out gas conversions on the government website (after reading all the buga stuff), 
i found hidden in the new government budget is an lpg rebate cut, and it gets less and less every year


every year?  thought we were all supposed to be promoting greener energy more and more?
convert before june 30 - $ave.   
but vehicle has to be registered first, get fixin-----> back to work on the bedfords 'roadworthyness' again, now with a deadline

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