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The Sump / Firefox login
« on: June 10, 2012, 09:41:51 PM »

I'm using Firefox for the first time (heaps faster!!) and every time I "Reload" I have to log back in to the Buga site even though the 'puter knows the password. Is this normal or am I a Firefox newbie  ???  ???

Never happened on slug-Explorer - click Buga and you were in for life  ;D

The Sump / Happy New Year!!
« on: January 01, 2011, 03:19:15 AM »
May all of you and your vans have a great 2011

Exteriors and Interiors / Cement Floor
« on: November 29, 2010, 11:04:57 PM »
Back in the old days (80's - well before the Intranut) I got a hwy diff from a guy who'd run in to a cement truck, literally. Driver's side front quarter panel trashed from about 3 feet (sorry - one meter or 100 centimeters for you younger Bedheads) high and his  front crossmember, um, bent.  He was selling bits off because a 78 Beddie wasn't worth the fixin' = threre were lots of 'em around!

PS - He and his passenger got out of the bent beddie scratchless - higher ride height than a sedan meant no people damage.

I asked him what the hell was that he'd applied to the floor in the cargo area of this stripped Beddie and he tells me it's concrete. A one half inch thick layer of concrete. Gets the Center of Gravity down for cornering and shuts out anything resembling road noise from below. Doors, side panels, etc are still your problem but the floor is as noisy as a slab of driveway...

Anyone tried this for themselves? I've always wanted to try an epoxy we use in mining as a crusher backing - Jaquesbond, Megapoxy
 take your pick. It's a pourable epoxy in a $50, 20 kg bucket - add hardener and pour and it sticks like s... to a ------ metal surface or anything else. Probably need to use jacks to level the floor up before pouring?  ;D ;D

And plug holes. ???

Has anyone tried either of these methods on the floor? It's always made me curious.


Wanted / 6 Cyl engine cover
« on: November 13, 2010, 07:58:13 PM »
I'd like to play around with my mountanous V8 cover to give the driver somewhere to put the left foot. To keep the Beddie feel I want to incorporate the curves of the original 6 cylinder cover but I don't have one as we bought the van as an 8.

Anyone in Perth or surrounds have an unwanted original cover they would like to sell??



Found for sale / Ebay swb
« on: November 09, 2010, 10:22:50 PM »
Bit different using aftermarket mirrors and leaving the original stalks on  ??? And love the bit about the petrol cap key ;D


Driveline / 253 or 308?
« on: October 25, 2010, 03:01:05 PM »
The age old argument I know, but for a travelling Beddie, possibly towing and mainly highway miles, which is the best engine?

I have no experience with the V8's as my last van ran a 186S out of a HK Monaro - steel crank, mild cam, Yella Terra, extractors, electronic dizzy and a range of different carbys. (I was young) She spun to 6000 when running on alcohol (me, not the engine - there was this lovely stretch of road near my place and never any traffic late at night - woops, different story!) The van took me (and when I got to Geraldton from Melbourne, it was us) around  Australia and then sadly found Beddie Heaven through neglect in the NT.

I now have a V8 choice as the SWB below is running a red 253, extractors, Edelbrock Performer manifold, Rochester Quaddy, HEI, tired trimatic and 9-inch diff.

The unrego'd LWB has a blue 308, extractors, Edelbrock Performer manifold, a Holley 2 barrel of unknown size and I'm told was on gas before being parked up for 5 years prior to me picking it up from Bunbury. I was also told that it only has 5000 k's on the motor. The turbo 400 and 10 bolt diff left rubber on my driveway when I zapped it. Did I mention that there is evidence of the block being decked? No engine number to be found, just machining marks, don't know what other goodies are hiding in there!

Current plan is to leave the SWB as a town van for Shelley (she's a Beddie nut too and is responsible for our sign-on name) and the LWB will be the Oz-cruizer. It also has the better body and is just begging to be brought up to speed.

All opinions and predujices appreciated!



Driveline / Perth parts pro's
« on: October 25, 2010, 01:45:38 PM »
Everyone knows that there are good places to deal with when chasing parts and some not so good.

Since I'm doing my first Beddie restoration in 20-odd years and there's this new Internet-thingy (the first resto was in Melbourne and all I had to go on was the old Custom Van and Truck mag) I figure that advice from experienced locals is the clever way to go.

Rather than finding the not so good places myself by giving them money and getting a so-so experience in return I'd like to ask the Perth BUGA's who they have found to be the best to deal with when chasing -

 :) Recore for a radiator - the triple core I'm running in the 253 is tired and summer is approaching. Not even the thermo I fitted last year is going to suck enough air through the munted fins of this baby!

 :) Recon heads - the recent compression test was disapppointing on cylinders 4 and 8 - 100 and 120 psi respectively when the rest were mid to high 160's. I'm guessing (hoping!) burnt valves. As soon as I find a dial indicator I'll check the valve lift to see if the cam has dropped a lobe or two :( - this would mean $$ and work that I had hoped to apply elsewhere but an idle vacuum of about 15 inches isn't a figure I'm happy with.

 :) Good tuning/dyno place. The shiny new Rochester Quaddy I fitted starts/idles/goes OK but I don't kid myself when it comes to proper tuning - Holleys and Stromberg two-barrels Yes. Quaddy - pay the Man. Does anyone know of a place with an old school red motor guru? There's also a 308 blue in his future once I get the LWB rego'd, carby unknown as yet and probably gas to boot.



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