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For Sale / For Sale: 1978 CF Booster & Master Cylinder
« on: November 28, 2015, 03:20:41 PM »
This was removed from my van in working order, I have replaced it with commodore unit so no longer have a need for it.

$30 plus postage if your interested let me know.

So I have been wiring a complete commodore wiring loom to my Bedford, and when it came to the tail lights as you know the bedfords indicator/reversing lights share the same fitting with a dual filament bulb.

in the past cars like this use the same bulb as a stop/tail light, 21watt filament for stop lights and 5 watt for tail lights .... and in this case that's fine, but for the reversing lights I wanted them to be the bright light, however the issue is then that the indicator being the 5watt then makes it flash really fast. (less load on the flasher relay)

I have heard that you can get electronic flasher relays to solve these sort of problems but they do not click like a normal flasher relay so I wasn't real keen on that option!

so after a bit of searching I have found that Narva make a dual filament bayonet cap bulb with 21/21w (normally 21/5w) and they are part number 47005.

I haven't yet tried to source any but have been advised that repco locally can get them for me and im sure any good auto elec would have them or be able to get them!

hopefully this might help one or two of you looking for brighter reversing lights while keeping the indicators happy!

Miscellaneous Technical / Fitting a Commodore Wiper Motor .... ?!?!?!
« on: February 19, 2015, 08:53:43 PM »
So I've read plenty of posts of people saying that you can replace the Bedford wiper motor with a commodore unit..... bolts straight in, no mods required etc etc .....

my question is, which model commodore motor is the right one to use ? ... I've got a VN/VP and a VR/VS unit, they are pretty much identical except for the wiring plug (not the issue)

I did a search on here and someone said a VX one went straight in ..... from looking at it from ebay pics, it doesn't have anywhere near the right bolt holes in the right spots .... so not sure there .....

so the issue I have with the VN/VP/VR/VS units is that the round motor part will hit on the wiper mount before the bolt holes meet up with the mount, so it either needs spacers between the mount and the motor to stop this which then mean the wiper arm off the motor will then hit the frame ..... or the other option is the mount can be trimmed which will allow the motor to mount flush with the arm sticking out far enough that it wont foul on anything...

I am happy to do the cutting to the mount .... but I just wanted to clarify before I did anything as i'm confused as to why mine doesn't just "bolt straight up" and wondering if I have missed something totally obvious!

attached below is a picture of my wiper assembly mount and how much I think needs to be cut to make it fit on the right in black texta!

Site Feedback / New Site pictures
« on: November 13, 2014, 10:49:24 AM »
Hi Admins, good job of getting the site back up and running!

just a question about pictures that had been posted, I noticed my avatar was missing, no big deal I jurst re-uploaded it, but then I noticed all the pictures in threads seems to be missing too, is this something that can be fixed or are we going to have to start from scratch ?

For Sale / Standard bedford front brakes and hubs.
« on: October 09, 2014, 11:54:59 AM »
ok so i am putting commodore brakes on the bedford so i no longer need the front drums, if anyone is interested in them let me know, im going to chuck them out so if you want them pay for postage and they are yours..... mind you im sure postage is not going to be overly cheap....

i have both front hubs still with bearings, front drums and also the backing plate and mechanisms.... happy to seperate if required.

or if your local to maitland area pickup is welcome.

they did work ok, but pulled to one side a bit, and the wheel cylinders are probably not worth using as they are a bit rusty in the bores.

For Sale / Various Standard Bedford Engine Parts for Sale
« on: April 28, 2014, 10:02:09 PM »
OK so as you know i'm putting a V8 into my Bedford so I don't really have a use for any of the standard bits that have been removed when the 173 came out.

I'll list all this stuff here, if no one is keen i'll eventually list them on ebay.

Basically make me an offer, or let me know what you want and i'll let you know a price if you don't want to make any offer!

everything is in AS IS condition, I'm happy to let you know any specifics about the parts but I only drove the car home then removed everything so my experience is limited.

Item 1 - Complete wiring loom, including dash, fuse box (with 2 covers), ignition switch and indicators.

I know the fuel gauge and blinkers were funny, not sure if this is an earth issue or not. Also speedo does not work.

Item 2 - Air Cleaner, with firewall mount and carby hose.

Item 3 & 4 - Fan and water pump pulley

Item 5 - Distributor and Coil (points - non electronic) including plug leads.

engine ran perfectly smooth and never missed a beat as far as spark goes!

Item 6 & 7 - Stromberg Carburetter & exhaust manifold.

This carby was great, even without the choke, you could start it from cold with a few pumps of the pedal and it drove beautifully! colour of the spark plugs also indicates this carby wasn't too lean or rich either!

the exhaust manifold has a broken flange stud as you can see.

Item 8 & 9 - PCV hose and Steel Fuel/Vacuum Hoses.

I will be happy to post these items at buyers expense, or you can pickup from East Maitland area if you prefer!

Payment options, Paypal, bank deposit, or cash on pickup.

Driveline / 173 Steel Head Gasket ????
« on: March 27, 2014, 09:57:31 AM »
Hi Guys,

so im in the process of removing the tired 173 from the bedford, and i've been finding a few things on the holden motor thats not quite what im used to for holden 6 drivelines, most of which is more beefy and i can only assume this is because its more of a work horse than your average holden 6 in a car ....

so last night i removed the head from it and i was quite surprised to find the head gasket is what looks like stainless steel on both sides with some thin gasket in between it .... fire rings look to be similar to any other holden gasket ....

so im just intrigued, is this in fact a factory thing or would it be something after market ?

other stuff like this i assume is the larger transmission lines compared to a car with a trimatic and the larger than usual for the era tailshaft and yoke.

Members Rides / Sammy's CF Bedford Van
« on: December 27, 2013, 08:55:41 PM »
Here is my new toy, plans are to fit it with a v8 and use it to tow my Gemini race car.

I am thinking to make the conversion complete I'll fit it with commodore wiring, steering column, dash, steats, fuel tank, brakes and diff.

While I'm at it I'll fix the rust spots I've found in it!!

I've uploaded some pics of its current state and the rust I've found so far in my gallery here:

Buying a Bedford / What is CFS v's CFL ??
« on: November 01, 2013, 11:53:08 AM »
Hi Guys, been looking at Bedford's for sale and trying to comprehend what is what.

So i was under the impression that CFS was a short wheel base and these have the low roof profile, then the CFL was the long wheel base and these have what looks to be approx 100mm higher roof line above the gutters compared to the short wheel base ....

so then i see an internet ad with what looks like a CFS (low roof and shorter wheel base) but its labelled CFL and so now im confused, is the ad just labelled wrong or is there a grey area i don't know about ?

so this may be trivial to some, but from specs i found on this site i can only just fit a CFS in my shed and definately not a CFL so this plays a big part in my searching for a suitable bedford!

Introduce Yourself / Howdy all!
« on: August 03, 2013, 11:23:26 PM »
Well where do I start...

so I work in the mines making sure the computers keep running, and I love holden 6's and efi and all things related :)

I've always loved the old bedfords, and I think part of that was because when I was a lot younger dad's brother in law was part owner of the pitcrew Bedford (the Newcastle blokes might know which one I mean) and all I can remember of it was, chev, saas seats and big fattys on the rear!! and it went hard!

So I have a VZ Commodore Ute which I use as my daily driver and tow car for my race car which is a TG Gemini with a EFI turbo 202 in it (my avatar).... and for the most part the ute does a good job, but it is pretty much on the towing limit and also nothing in the back of it can be secured overnight etc .... that and its getting up in the km's, so I have been thinking about options to replace it with something that's more suited like a van etc, but I also want something with reasonable power etc.

So this got me thinking about a Bedford, and up until recently I didn't actually realise they had holden 6's from the factory, so that rocks in my books :) that and the fact they'd be perfect for a tow car as far as storage and lockable plus from what I have seen they'd be good for tow capacity, and I reckon a 202 Bedford with commodore brakes, diff, efi and T700 tranny would be a nice bit of gear!

So anyways that's me and my long term plan hopefully!

so if anyone has a really cheap Bedford in good condition i'd love to know about it hehehe, otherwise its going to take a while to get the money.... but hey, you got to have goals and dreams!

So I am also the guy that has put up the VK EFI conversion info which I saw in another thread as well as the delco EFI conversion information in the same thread, and its great to see the info is spreading to all kinds of forums and I hope people are getting good use from it, I know when I did particularly the VK EFI conversion no one either wanted to share info (workshops) or they said it can't be tuned or is crap etc so alot of what i did was trail blazing for me and trial and error but i got there in the end with great results :)

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