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CF Bedford Chat / Merlin........
« on: May 18, 2011, 08:52:40 PM »
Where and how to start this forum.... well here goes.

In October in 2010 I put an entry on the Buga site asking for advice in purchasing a Bedford from South Australia, to build a replica A TEAM VAN, at this time Neil or (User ID = Merlin) contacted me and said "why bother buying something sight unseen when he could build me one from the parts he had / or could get me the parts he hasn't got (alot he already had, including the shell / body molds, wheels) and I was only to supply the wheels and $5,000 up front with an extra $10,000 on the completion of the work.

I made note that I was happy to pay $12,000 for a complete project (minus interior) but didn't mind scretching the budget to $15,000 with licensing and engineer reports, Neil was happy with this and signed a 1 page contract with name / address / contact details.

The build is for my sick brother who has limited life on earth due to being diagnosed with cancer late last year, and I thought it'd be nice to put his "childhold dream" into practice and have an A TEAM REPLICA VAN to enjoy

All was going well for the first 3 months, in continous response by mobile and SMS. thats where it stopped. With July coming up quickly this year I feel i am left with chasing $9,000 (which I gave in January 2011)  and not having my brothers toy.

I was in Perth late April (from busselton) went past his workshop in Rockingham and saw the Bedford Van in the same position and state it was in October. I called Neil 3 times during the day with no response. I "Personal messaged" him and no response but had a read receipt, I then went on to email him at his skymesh email address, for it to bounce back immediately with an error "no email address at this domian name" over the past 3 days I have called his mobile 5 times and SMS'd 5, still no response.

I know he's on here dially so he'll read this, I have done everything he has asked. and initially when i got in contact with Neil, he promised the world but at the moment I have seen nothing from my view or ears. I know July is still some 6 weeks away and I hope he can come thru with the goods as per our verbal and written conversations.

I have been screwed over in the past with a previous Build. I know where to go and what to do If it happens again (to re-coup damages / monies and time). But you can only scretch friendship so far with no communication.

Can someone shed some light on Neil AKA Merlin ? (how good is he or have you had an issue with him also)

Exteriors and Interiors / Project may of been found
« on: November 07, 2010, 10:22:04 PM »
Hi there all, as my profile name says "i'm new to the game" of bedfords.. so i'm probably going to ask a question or three that may of been asked in the past, if this is the case then i apologise upfront now..

Anyway i've found 2 "neat looking" straight as a die bedford SWB Van's but in the colour of green and another in baby blue (looks queer as) anyway I'm wanting to find out how much it would cost to respray in a black colour all over -- not show quality but something that would stand out whiles in a parking lot or driving down the street.

I know its a "rough" question to put, but i've got a "tight" budget for the complete build, and i know this will be possibly the largest outlay on the build.

Thankyou if you can give me some info.

Kind REgards


Wanted / Bedford SWB Van - up to $5,000
« on: October 23, 2010, 08:33:17 PM »
Hi there, as my profile name is called "new to this game" of bedford vans. I've built a couple of show cars, including HSV / Chevy's / Rotaries.. but now deciding to do up a Bedford SWB Van.

I need your help out there in the BUGA world... Looking at spending up to $5,000 - and have the cash available now.

Show & Send me the details of your van to me at "benn_williams@hotmail.com"..

If I was being "picky" not that i am, i would say "Prefer a black van and windowless.. I know i'm narrowing the search saying this so i'll ask you to send me what you have....


0409 763 441.

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