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Driveline / Bedford CFS Axle help required
« on: September 09, 2016, 07:08:50 AM »
Hi Bedders,
I have recently installed a Borg Warner diff housing with a 2.9 ratio. I used to have a standard Bedford 4.7 diff and original rear end and could barely do 75 km/h. I am using the original Bedford housing and spliced it into the Borg Warner centre. The 2.9 ratio is excellent and very compatible with my wheel size and 173 Red motor and 3 speed auto. I can now cruise at 80-100 km/h and not have the nuts vibrate off every bolt. I am still running original (fully refurbished) drum brakes all round. The issue I have is that the left wheel axle needs to be about 15mm shorter and if I cut the spline shorter it is too short for my liking. Does anyone have any hints where to buy a shorter axle or a blank axle that fits the large Bedford flange for the original drum brakes? Any help is appreciated. Regards, John Forbes (Classic Rock Bedford rego 75 AC/DC).

Hi BUGA's. I am needing to replace the window seal rubbers on the barn doors of my 1972 CFS. Does anyone know where to purchase new rubbers from. I have tried Rare Spares and also Scotts Rubber in Dandenong and both do not stock this item. Is there a company or website in the UK that specialises in replacement Bedford rubbers?  Any help is appreciated. Regards, John Forbes

Exteriors and Interiors / Re: Insulation and Sound Deadener
« on: February 04, 2015, 08:42:54 PM »
Hi there, I don't have any experience with heat or sound but I have done some research recently and found that Dynamat have a full range for all areas and that it is not just one product to do the entire job. Dynamat have their Dynamat Extreme as the base product and then Dynaliner on top of that for the cabin, floor, doors, roof. They then recommend Hoodliner for under the bonnet and DynaPad as the noise barrier. They have a PDF on their website for each product which I found very logical. John

Introduce Yourself / Re: New Owner Introduction
« on: January 27, 2015, 09:40:16 PM »
Thanks everyone for your kind notes of welcome. It is greatly appreciated. I might bug you from time to time looking for little parts for here and there as I do intend to put a bit of effort into the van. I already have bought lots of the workshop manuals and handbooks and brochures. I've also already bought a new windscreen (current one is scratched on drivers side), new tyres are on the way (Mastercraft Avenger GT's), new front grille (replacing the Ford one that is on there and going back to original), original inside door handles for opening and closing, original steering column covers, dash covers, brake pedal rubbers, door and window rubber kit, new B&W NSW number plates, bonnet badges and original windscreen wipers just to get me started. Engine and A/T will get a rebuild and new exhaust will be part of that.

One thing (well it's technically two things) I am looking for currently are the side door stoppers for when the side door is fully open and it touches on the front door. Would anyone have these for sale or know where I can buy it from?

Thanks again,
John Forbes

Introduce Yourself / New Owner Introduction
« on: January 25, 2015, 12:03:50 AM »
Hi BUGA's. I've just purchased the red Bedford with the Starsky and Hutch style stripe on the side. The outside is in very good condition but the engine and inside needs some TLC which I'm about to embark on. It's a 1972 Bedford CFS. Model # 97370 and Serial # J343246 assembled at the Holden factory in Dandenong. I'm already having a great time maxing out my eBay account with new bits and pieces as well as books and manuals but soon the big stuff will start. Any assistance to my future questions is greatly appreciated. More soon. John.

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